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Walker Electric provides fair pricing and the best quality of electrical services in the Gaston County, Nc area. 


Are you looking to upgrade your service to your home, or even get an electrical safety inspection?

 Walker Electric provides fair pricing for all electrical projects.


 If you don't know where to start with your electrical plans, call us today to set up an appointment for an in person quote.


Walker Electric provides commercial grade electrical work in the surrounding areas. New construction, or upgrade of commercial building? 

Email your project today for an appointment set up, or online quote depending on the project size.


Industrial services provided as well.

If you need a complex system serviced electrically, we can help you.

WES services plants, as well as

industrial machinery of all types. Walker Electric is familiar with most electrical issues, if you are unable to find a contractor who can help your electrical issues, call WES today for an in person consultation. 

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