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Specialty In Historical Homes(Rewires,Meter, Panel Upgrades...)
Trouble Shooting & DiagnosingOutlets, Switches, Breakers, Panels, Meters, 


New Construction Rewires
Trenching and Underground
Commercial grade buildings
Inspections (Safety for power
to be turned on)


Heavy Equipment

and Machinery


Grow Your Vision With Walker Electric & Services

Walker Electric & Services is dedicated to helping our customers with their electrical projects. We offer a variety of electrical services. If you have project and do not know how to proceed, Walker Electric & Services can assist you today. See below what services we provide. We have categorized our services by Residential, Commercial and Industrial.  To view more about our services, please click the button below.

About Us

Walker Electric & Services is a local family owned Electrical Contracting business in Gastonia, NC. Since 1981, WES has serviced multiple residential homes and commercial and industrial buildings. Licensed and Insured in NC and SC.  Walker Electric takes pride in offering 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICES. If you are in need of emergency electrical assistance call our office today.


Visit Our Portfolio!

Visit our portfolio of projects to see more of our work. 




Are you looking to upgrade your service to your home, or even get an electrical safety inspection?

Walker Electric specializes in Residential service work. Residential work makes up about 80% of our projects.


FREE ESTIMATES FOR: Meter, Panels, 100 Amp Sub Panels, Rewires and Building hook ups.


 If you don't know where to start with your electrical plans, call or email us today to set up an appointment for an in person quote.


Walker Electric provides commercial grade electrical work in the surrounding areas. New construction, or upgrade of commercial building? 

Email your project today for an appointment set up, or online quote depending on the project size.


Do you need a complex system serviced/repaired electrically? 

WES services plants, as well as 

industrial machinery of all types. Walker Electric is familiar with most electrical issues, if you are unable to find a contractor who can help your electrical issues, call WES today for an in person consultation. 

Historical Home Wiring
Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
Can Lighting
Electrical Inspections
Ring Door Bell Install
Tesla Charing Stations
Knob-and-Tube Wiring

Meter/Panel Combos
Building Hook Up

Service Upgrades
Light Pole Servicing

Commercial electrical wiring, recessed lighting, and electrical components.

Electrical panel maintenance and repairs.

Lighting retrofits for energy efficient lighting.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery 
Complex Systems

pneumatic, hydraulic and operative machinery issues

Our Team.

Walker Electric & Services Inc.

Experienced technicians in the area of Gastonia, NC.